By: Cathy Polley, RPh, Vice President, Health & Wellness, FMI & Executive Director, FMI Foundation Family Meals

Wow, it’s a new year already, and a time when many are motivated to make both personal and professional resolutions.  In the Washington Post this month, Casey Seidenberg resolves to have more family meals after reviewing a Cornell study indicating that children’s eating habits are formed by age 12.

We all feel the pressure to cook and eat more family meals together. The challenges we deal with in our own busy families—out-of-sync schedules, staggered meals, fast food seduction—are the same ones our customers face every week.  We know those hurdles well!  So as we resolve to eat together more in our own homes, maybe we can use our own challenges to inspire solutions for our customers.

Another way food retailers can help consumers meet their home-cooking goals is by sharing our  January ideas and inspiration at This month’s features include tips for introducing healthy foods to kids, getting them to understand nutrition and try new “mystery” foods. Repurpose these tips and resources for your shoppers and help inspire them at home.

2015 will be an exciting year for the FMI Foundation and food retailers as we announce new ways to elevate the role of grocers in family meal solutions.  Watch for details next month. 

In the meantime, Happy New Year!