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 Providing the education and collaboration

to solve your most pressing business issues


The COVID-19 crisis has significantly disrupted and is changing the way the industry and trading partners conduct business. The need for enhanced communications and planning, agility and speed are the new normal as companies seek to stabilize their business operations and plan for the future to better serve consumers and society at large.


Focused insights and learnings on:

  • Emerging issues: New consumerism and the responding marketplace
  • Power of Private Brands
  • Private Brands Management
  • Pandemic Navigator 
  • Trading Partner Collaboration
  • The Future of the Food Eco-system


NEW in 2020: 

Business Conference Suites

Commitment forms due September 8!

Private, 45-minute business appointments between trading partners to:

  • Accelerate dialogue on key issues confronting your businesses today
  • Address challenges, opportunities and priorities going forward
  • Precipitate business recovery and stabilization



CEO, Merchandising, Supply Chain, Marketing, Digital/e-Commerce, Private Brand Leaders, Category Managers


CEO, Chief Customer Officer, VP/Dir. Sales/Supply Chain, Digital/e-Commerce, Business Development

Why the Private Brands Summit?

"Great event. Very informative. List of attendees all at the right level for effective collaboration."

"Wonderful opportunity to learn, and discuss issues with industry peers."

"Very impressed with the total FMI experience. FMI is a great resource for Private Brands. Retailers are missing out by not attending."
"Unparalleled opportunity to learn, and discuss issues with industry peers."

"This event should be an annual must attend. Content is relevant and actionable. Great learning event!"