Private Brands: Delivering on consumer needs when it matters most

During times of uncertainty, consumers look to the grocery industry to provide the food and goods they have become accustomed to in order to retain a sense of stability and calm any fears. With a continued rapid growth in sales over the years, private brands have become a major decision driver when it comes to where people shop. With that in mind, retailers must be thoughtful and proactive when it comes to responding to customer needs in difficult times. Ensuring your private brands can deliver a reliable solution in times of crisis is key to maintaining customer loyalty, continued visibility, and establishing connectivity with your customers.

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Why the Private Brands DC Summit?

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"Great event. Very informative. List of attendees all at the right level for effective."

"Wonderful opportunity to learn, and discuss issues with industry peers."

"Very impressed with the total FMI experience. FMI is a great resource for Private Brands  Retailers are missing out by not attending."
"Unparalleled opportunity to learn, and discuss issues with industry peers."

"This event should be an annual must attend. Content is relevant and actionable. Great learning event!"


  • Expertly moderated interactive business sessions, workshops, briefings, panel discussions.

  • Explore and discuss several key regulatory and business-related topics.

  • Stay current on industry trends and find ways to improve their processes. 



  • Intimate platform to meet, network, share ideas and examine issues as they relate to private brands.

  • Fun social event at one our nation's capital most celebrated spots!


  • Share and gain best practices related to private brands issues through uniquely crafted sessions.

  • Unique opportunity for collaboration and engagement between retailer trading partners and suppliers.

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