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II. Short-Term Best Practices

This document provides best practices and operational guidance for the food industry in the short term as we face new situations resulting from the coronavirus outbreak.


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I. Best Practices and Planning for the Immediate Situation

This document provides best practices and operational guidance for the food industry on the scenarios and issues that are occurring today, just days after the president declared a national emergency.


Key Resources

State Issues Crisis Tracker

US Map

We are tracking state waivers and local policies during this crisis. 
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FMI Coronavirus Business Solutions and Resources


FMI has curated important business solutions during this ongoing crisis to support the food industry. 
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FMI Foodservice Partnership for Resource Availability


FMI has created a process for connecting foodservice distributors that have excess capacity with food retailers and wholesalers in need. Learn More

Pandemic Preparedness Checklist


To achieve maximum benefit, develop and implement a plan to promote beneficial personal protective measures, environmental protective measures and community distancing measures. Learn More

Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQ


Answers to your questions on coronavirus (COVID-19) including background details, coronavirus and food, employee and customer health and safety and social distancing. 
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Curated External Resources

FMI Coronavirus Blog Posts

Doug Baker

Contact Doug Baker, vice president, industry relations and the FMI Crisis Management Team.

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Contact Hilary Thesmar, chief food & product safety officer & sr. vice president, food safety programs and the FMI Food Safety Team. 

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