Stay Strong Tips

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Making family meals happen can be tough under the best of circumstances, but COVID-19 has added a whole new layer of challenges to family meals. The pressures confronting each family may differ, but here are some of the latest and greatest resources to help you and your family make your time around the dinner table count!

We know that family meals feed our mind, body, and soul. And never before have our minds, bodies and souls needed more nurturing. No entity recognizes this more than the food retail industry.  Our grocers and food manufacturers have been working overtime to keep us fed and safe.

Not only are family meals good for us, but they can serve as a great unifier during uncertain periods. We know that family meals have been looking different over the past year.  Some folks have been having a LOT more of them each day and week - or a complete lack of them due to social distancing (video dinner party anyone?!) The challenge is how to tap into the healing powers of family meals without having to stress about pulling them off. The FMI Foundation and our expert partners have your back with tips....

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