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Category A: (1-25 Stores), Finalist

Tom Slott

Martin’s Super Markets, Inc.
Granger, Indiana

Store manager Tom Slott has caused customer count to grow 8.3 percent over the last five years. He has an incredible ability to communicate with others that led to a long list of assistant store managers to take their own driver’s seats as store managers at other Martin’s Super Markets.

Slott has never been one to shy away from holding an event that draws attention, and ultimately sales, to his store. Once a customer is in the store, it's his goal to deliver the best service possible by executing innovative in-store experiences. Some of these have included employees dressed up for Halloween distributing candy, the occasional employee Flash Mob, live Christmas music, and even the Cooking School for kids.

Far beyond the doors of the Martin’s Super Market he manages, Scott is instrumental in his company’s “Trading Places” program in which he works with newer department managers in other locations to improve their leadership skills and lead them to careers as store managers.

Slott is a significant player among a group of business leaders in his community who have created a number of events, including Roofsit, a week-long event designed to create awareness of child abuse, art shows and chili cookoffs.

With all these successful tactics in Granger, Slott has managed to grow sales in his store by an average 6.8 percent for the last five years.