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Category B: (26-199 Stores), Finalist

Ray Jackson

Brookshire Grocery Company
Hallsville, Texas

Ray Jackson took over leadership of his current store in 2012 and highlighted a 38-year career with the company last year by winning its Store Director of the Year award. His outstanding leadership led the store to end 2018 with a total store sales increase of 2.26 percent even though there was no growth in the community or reduction in competitors. 

What is the key to Jackson’s success? “By teaching and communicating throughout the store,” said Sandra Miller, vice president and district manager for BGC, “Ray has built a team that works together in any way needed to serve customers.”

Jackson started managing his first Brookshire Grocery Company (BGC) store in 2005. His fingerprints are on almost every store in the company, having trained many of its store directors, including the one who now leads its flagship location in Tyler, Texas.

When employees deliver truly remarkable customer service or go above and beyond in their jobs, Jackson presents them with a special token or a ribbon to display on their name badge. Jackson also recognizes his employees by celebrating their birthdays and hosting multiple cookouts each year to thank them for their hard work and commitment.

Jackson goes above and beyond to prepare his team to successfully execute in-store programs. For example, he took the initiative to educate himself on the company’s new inventory management system before it was introduced in his store. He reached out to other Store Directors within the company who had implemented the system to gain a better understanding of the process and how to successfully train his employees to utilize it

Through a promotion partnership with Gatorade, Jackson boosted product sales by 28 percent in a single year. During the campaign, customers were encouraged to donate hydration products to first responders throughout Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.