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Category A: (1-25 Stores)

Michael Siakpere

Skogen’s Festival Foods
Eau Claire, WI

Michael Siakepere strives to meet his goals, aims for excellence and engenders a similarly driven mindset among employees.

Siakpere leads the pursuit of excellence at many levels throughout the store, starting with the fundamentals of cleanliness, accurate signage/pricing and stock levels.

Siakpere's collaborative management approach includes regular one-on-one meetings with staff leaders and willingness to give employees the tools they need to succeed, which has yielded low turnover.

Siakpere has raised the visibility of the store and given back to the community: Siakpere is president of the local Boys and Girls Club and also volunteers his time for a student organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management careers.

“The culture he has built in the store and what he has done throughout the company in terms of culture and community are second to none. Most who have worked with Michael know what a special opportunity it was and just how fortunate they were to work with him.”