Michael Peebles Store Manager Award Finalist

Category C: (200+ Stores), Finalist

Michael Peebles

Brookshire’s Grocery Company
Emory, Texas

His company has seen something remarkable in Michael Peebles, honoring him with Store Director of the Year Award in 2023 and choosing his site as a district training store despite its relatively remote location. He has been asked to assist with other stores’ grand openings, take part in model store walks and aid with the transition of Reasor’s in Oklahoma.

Now, this manager is attracting attention beyond his organization, for his measurable successes and for his demeanor that’s been described as calm and compassionate.

He certainly had a standout year at his location in Emory, Texas, growing sales yet again in 2023 even as the population remained constant and the area has a poverty rate of 14.7%. The steady strength of the store can be attributed in large part to Michael, who has earned a reputation for following through on shopper requests and adhering to his mantra of “Do what you say, don’t over promise – over-deliver.” In another example of dealing with shoppers constructively, he takes complaints to heart and circles back to the root causes to address problems.

Michael’s team members follow his lead, as well as his counsel. He motivates associates in a variety of ways, from holding contests among partners to setting a tone of positivity that is conducive to suggestive selling and customer engagement. He teaches by example, often jumping in to bag groceries or carry customers’ orders to their cars. He started a Partner of the Month program based on service that was later adopted by all Brookshire’s stores.

Under his direction, engaged store associates and department managers meet the needs of regular customers as well as visitors who come to the store when taking part in large fishing tournaments held nearby on Lake Fork. Whether a shopper is coming for one of those 10 annual events or driving in from their home several miles away, they will find a fully stocked store and personable staff, thanks to Michael's emphasis on inventory, merchandising and first-class service.

In addition to supporting shoppers on their shopping trips, Michael and his team assist the community in a host of other ways. During last year’s Spirit of Christmas food drive, the Emory location raised thousands of dollars in funds and supplied hundreds of meals to local families in need. The store regularly donates to a local food bank, with associates also sharing their time as volunteers. On a personal level, Michal is involved with the local athletic boosters organization and regularly takes part in the high school job fair, where he encourages local youths to join Brookshire’s team and make a difference in their workplace and community, as he has.