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Category B: (26-199 Stores)

Joseph Stephens

Brookshire Grocery Co.
Kilgore, TX

While Joseph Stephens is quick to recognize those who go above and beyond, Stephens sets a high bar for excellence at the 52,500-square-foot store he has managed since 2017. 

Under Stephens’ mentorship, several team members have been promoted to leadership positions within the company. In 2019, he was chosen Store Director of the Year by Brookshire Grocery Co., largely because of his ability to lead and develop employees for long-term growth.

Stephens communicates expectations broadly and also conducts one-on-one training and troubleshooting with employees who are challenged by certain processes or standards.

Stephens’ strengths with his internal team are matched by the bonds he has forged externally with customers and the community.

“Joseph is a great example of what ‘Competitive Grit’ means in the grocery industry. Joe has been in some really competitive situations for us and fought some tough battles and won. He is committed to our customers and employees and is a great example of service leadership.” Brian Johnson, Senior Vice President Division Manager, Brookshire Grocery Co.