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Category A: (1-25 Stores), Finalist

Jeff Kramm

Lunds & Byerlys
Wayzata, Minnesota

Jeff Kramm takes what he calls a “bells and whistles” approach to marketing. He doesn’t want any customer to leave the store without everything they need and want. Customer service surveys prove Kramm may be on to something. Customers approved in 2018 with a 67-percent score for selection of products, 81 percent for friendliness of cashiers and 75 percent for quality of products. 

Kramm’s innate understanding of the grocery business and action-oriented leadership skills helped him guide his store to impressive sales, improved store conditions, and a deeper relationship with the community.

When summertime temperatures reached unbearable heights, Kramm and his team at Lunds & Byerlys whipped into action, delivering cool water to the community, including more than 13,000 bottles during last summer’s popular James J. Hills Days.

Kramm was a nominee for his company's Brand Champion Award after he took over a store purchased from a competitor and educated his new employees on the benefits of their new Lunds & Byerlys culture. In 2018, he won a Financial Performance award.

“Whether it’s seasoning for the chicken or dressing for the salad, there is always a meal solution for our customers,” said colleague Sarah Peters. “He ensures that the customer can walk right into our store and say, ‘That’s what we’re having for dinner tonight!’”