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Category B: (26-199 Stores)

Aric W. Reicks

Fareway Stores, Inc.
Boone, Iowa

While Aric may have climbed the proverbial ladder, he understands the importance of all of the rungs and serves as a mentor to high school and college students who are key to the successful future of the business and the industry at large.

Since his promotion to store manager at the Boone location in 2017, he has forged strong relationships with his team, often working side by side with them during training and supporting the company’s retail internship program with two to three internship hires per summer.

Reicks thinks like a shopper, too, offering new categories and expanding the store’s to-go meal options. In line with the company’s focus on fresh, he recently spearheaded a complete renovation of the produce department that spanned display concepts, fixtures and technologies as well as new offerings.

Since he stepped into the manager role, the profitability of the Boone store has jumped by double digits. He regularly provides metrics for initiatives and collects feedback from his team and customer base to make the most informed decisions.

“His employees share that they enjoy working for Aric because he simply does not ask for a task to be completed but explains the reason and purpose behind the job. His staff are constantly challenged to raise the bar not only in customer service, but in the metrics.”