Category C: (200+ Stores), Finalist, SMA

Anthony Gentry

Brookshire Grocery Compnay
Mabank, TX

Anthony Gentry has been called a champion of customer service – and he has the #1 titles to prove it. In the third quarter of 2022, his store’s EBITDA was the best in the company and his store was the top one in the Brookshire’s banner. This location is also first in the company for sales per square foot.

As he claims enviable titles earned at the Brookshire’s store in Mabank, Texas, Gentry never sits on the bench.  His never-say-quit attitude led the location to a total store sales increase of 9.09% from 2021 to 2022 and a 9.67% increase in total adjusted gross profit. He plays a strong defense, too, as the store reduced shrink compared to the previous year.

He’s both a consummate teammate and agile coach who has said that the best part of his job is helping others. To that end, he skillfully balances holding his team accountable with bringing out the best in their performance. Thanks to his mentorship, three of his assistant managers were promoted to store directors. Another one of his assistants received an Assistant Store Manager of the Year award in 2022 when working with Gentry and went on to be promoted to store director during the same year that Gentry won his own Store Director of the Year honor.

His guidance spans all departments and team members. In another example, the bakery area was able to manage and reduce shrink while ensuring fresh products after he regular met with the department manager to develop a plan. Gentry’s overall emphasis on training led his team to score the highest rating in Brookshire’s training and development compliance program.

By tuning into employees and shoppers in such a detailed and thoughtful way, he is able to improve the all-around store experience. He is a believer in greeting customers when they walk in the store, helping them during their trip and talking with them at checkout. Understanding shoppers’ pain points, Gentry oversees a robust inventory management system that helps assure in-stock products.

This manager also scores points for his commitment to the community at large. He is instrumental in food drives and is an active partner with the local Chamber of Commerce, as well as area schools, the police and fire department, churches, and various charitable organizations. Finally, even as he gives his best across so many aspects of his store manager job and often wins because of that effort, he makes a point to shake hands with each partner and wish them good evening at the end of the day.

“Anthony truly has a servant’s heart, constantly engaging with customers and providing outstanding service. His smile is welcoming, and his friendly demeanor allows partners and customers to easily approach him.”