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About Us

SafeMark® is the comprehensive food safety training and certification program created BY retailers, FOR retailers. In the business of food safety, the best protection is prevention and it begins with the right training program.  

We help instill consumer confidence in the safety of food purchased in retail stores by demonstrating our commitment and professionalism through SafeMark® training and certification. This program allows you to provide food managers and food handlers with the essential knowledge needed to prepare, handle, display and sell food safely.

The industry developed this program with leading retail food safety experts, scientists and educators, who brought decades of experience in training retail food handlers and managers.

The program is grounded in the fundamentals of food safety science established by the principles of the hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) system. The training is based on the most current Food and Drug Administration Food Code. 

SafeMark® materials cover these areas:


FMI, The Food Industry Association and SafeMark®

As retailers, there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of our customers and our employees. FMI members representing the food retail industry strongly support food safety training and education of store management and associates.  A successful food safety program begins with managers who are knowledgeable about food safety hazards and are committed to controlling risk factors within their operation. For this reason, FMI creates, maintains and expands SafeMark®.