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Category C: (200+ Stores)

Raymond Brown

Kroger, Vine Street Store
Cincinnati, OH

Brown has a leadership style that combines dedication, mentorship, vision, agility and a good nature.

To welcome new associates, he meets with them personally and shares paths of advancement with them as a way to encourage their interest and development.

His training is so thorough, in fact, that this site was chosen to be a company Academy Store for training new department leaders.

Brown's store has close ties to a local senior center, and he and his team have donated winnings from sales contests to purchase toys for a nearby children’s charity. A proponent of Zero Hunger and Zero Waste, he teamed with a local food bank to donate meals to local families at Thanksgiving.

“Ray has a passion for people and for results. Achieving multiple sales milestones, winner of internal and external awards, Ray is committed to developing his team and serving the community.”