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In the midst of an evolving industry, connections are everything. When those contacts are executives at the industry’s leading companies, prospective alliances are invaluable. A key benefit of the FMI Midwinter Executive Conference, the Strategic Executive Exchange (SEE) program facilitates private meetings between top food retail and wholesale companies and their C-level peers in the supplier and manufacturing communities.

New challenges create new opportunities. The SEE program supports your business goals through collaboration and fosters deeper trading partner connections. Take this rare opportunity to get face time with other leaders to build partnerships, develop strategy and leverage trends to increase profits.



  • Hold private, in-depth discussions with a range of industry leaders from supplier, manufacturer, service provider and technology partners to discuss new business strategies.
  • Build or strengthen relationships with existing and potential business partners.
  • Leverage key market forces and consumer trends to increase revenue and profit.


  • Host private, virtual meetings in your own, branded SEE Suite.
  • Hear strategic needs of existing and potential customers directly to explore how your company can help solve their problems.
  • Share important information about your company, its products and your insights into the future of the industry.


  • Participants are expected to be senior executives, preferably CEOs and COOs, whenever possible.
  • 45-minute meetings are arranged over the course of Midwinter.
  • FMI will facilitate the scheduling process but cannot guarantee confirmed appointments. Each company is responsible for securing its own appointments and setting the agenda for each meeting using the FMI SEE Scheduler.
  • Manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and technology partners will host meetings in private, virtual suites utilized at FMI Midsummer and ABC.
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