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Exposure is crucial to success. FMI Midwinter Executive Conference sponsorship provides your business access and visibility to the highest-quality food retail audience.

Sponsorship packages range from $5,000 to $30,000+ and offer you the flexibility, personalization and impact to meet your company’s objectives and brand building needs.

Let’s connect and craft the right package!

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An Overview of Sponsorship Opportunities

FMI Midwinter Conference Sponsorships

Title Sponsor
Create a unique opportunity to showcase your brand how you want! Title sponsors customize their sponsorship packages by choosing from available options at other sponsorship tiers and/or adding their own. Pricing varies. 

Premier Sponsor
Get Midwinter’s most coveted visibility opportunities by sponsoring the conference’s most highly attended events and most utilized attendee tools.

Partner Sponsor
Catch and maintain attendee attention by showcasing your brand where attendees’ eyes stay. Partner sponsors choose from a variety of attendee giveaway items and conference events giving attendees prolonged exposure to your brand. 

Event Supporting Sponsor
Create intimate connections with attendees by providing a touch of hospitality. Supporting sponsors can provide attendees with gifts or fare at our boutique conference events.

Contributing Sponsor
Make a personalized impression on a select group of Midwinter executives. Contributing sponsors display their brand on attendee gifts and small gatherings. 

FMI Foundation Stir It Up! Sponsorships

Executive Chef Level
Host and serve as Executive Chef of a Demo Kitchen Station (sizes dependent on sponsorship level). Demo Kitchen teams compete for top honor in several family meals categories.

Master Chef Level
Partner with an Executive Chef Level participant or design one to two appetizer, side dishes or dessert to delight attendee taste buds.

Sous Chef Level
Assist with an Executive Chef Level participant or create an appetizer, side or dessert dish to impress attendee palates.

Host a bar at the event and serve company-exclusive products. Company representatives can serve as a bartender along with hotel staff. 

Maître d’
Host a designated living room area with a display area for your products or create your own or create your own 100 sq. ft. custom-branded area. 

Taste Tester
Branding and Meet-and-Greet opportunities included. 

High visibility Stir It Up branding opportunities. 

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FMI Food Industry Golf Tournament

Title Sponsor
Title sponsors receive several high-end high visibility branding opportunities, tournament participation and a package of other premier offers. 

Golf Luncheon Sponsor
Exclusive luncheon branding opportunities with other enticing offers. 

Eagle Level
Tournament participation for three players with brand recognition and one special offer.  

Individual Level
Tournament participation.


Tech Talks
Introduce your brand to tech-conscious executives at our informal fire-side tech chats.

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FMI Midwinter Signage & Advertising 

Hanging Banner
Subject to availability. Call for Details.

Path Markers
Subject to availability. Call for Details.


Sample of FMI Midwinter Executive Conference attendee job titles:
President & CEO Chief Customer Officer Vice President, Edible and Inedible Grocery
Group Vice President, Grocery Executive Vice President, Merchandising and Store Operations Senior Vice President, Research and Development
Vice President, Technology Chief Strategy & Development Officer Executive Vice President, Merchandising and Marketing
Vice President, Center Store,Category Management Vice President, Grocery and Nonfood Merchandising Senior Vice President, Fresh Merchandising


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