Partner Sponsorship


Partner with another company* to form a competing kitchen combination. Company chefs collaborate on the design of an appetizer, main dish, side dish or dessert.
*Retailer and product supplier or manufacturer collaborations work best. The FMI Foundation can help broker the mutually-agreed-upon partnerships.

Additional benefits include:
Opportunity to provide a perimeter area station to display pre-made or packaged food products. Stations may only include appetizers, side dishes, desserts, or takeaway treats.
Opportunity to host a branded living room, comprised of 75 square feet, for attendees to visit and mingle. Living room areas are comprised of one sofa, two chairs, and a shelf to display product. Contact us at to create a custom 75 square foot area at the event, featuring your company-exclusive products or décor.
Opportunity to host a bar, comprised of 75 square feet, customizable bar wrap, and your own company representatives, available to answer any questions about customized drinks being served with company-exclusive products. Create a signature fan-drink and mocktail of your choice.