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Food Safety Auditing Scholarship and Education Travel Grant

Food buyers and sellers increasingly rely on accredited third-party certification to help ensure that the products they sell to consumers are safe.  The future of Accredited third-party certification is dependent on a core of well-trained auditors.  Auditors at this level of sophistication require combination of auditing skills, food industry experience and a food science or related degree.  In North America, there is a shortage of well-trained auditors.The critical issue for accredited third-party auditing in North America is to source the next generation of well-trained auditors.  The FMI Foundation funding provides a way to help fill that gap.

The FMI Foundation is sponsoring scholarships to students currently enrolled in food and agricultural science majors who have a true interest in the field of accredited food safety auditing. These scholarships are extremely competitive and are based primarily on academic ability; leadership potential; motivation and initiative; along with a passion for the food industry and the auditing profession.  We want our scholarship recipients to succeed in accomplishing their goal of working in the field of accredited food safety auditing.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2019/2020 academic year!

Apply Online Here


AMOUNT: $3000
DURATION: 1 year
CRITERIA: Grade Point Average 3.2 or higher. Please view further criteria below.


DEADLINE: September 13, 2019
Only complete online applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Review Committee for consideration.


CONTACT: Kristie Grzywinski
Email: kgrzywinski@fmi.org
  • Eligibility Criteria

    Student applicants must:
    • Be enrolled as a full-time student (undergraduate or graduate) in an accredited U.S., Canada or Mexico college or university.
    • Have completed at least two years of college to apply.
    • Have a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.2.
    • Be able to attend and participate in the SQF International Conference, November 5-7, 2019 in San Antonio, TX (conference registration, hotel, meals and round-trip coach airfare will be provided).
    • Be willing to accept an internship with a Certification Body (third-party auditing firm) should the opportunity become available.
    • Students having completed an internship in a food or agriculture science degree program preferred.
    • Previous FMI Foundation Student Scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply; however, previous applicants are welcome to reapply.
    • Family members of the FMI Foundation Board of Directors or Officers are ineligible.

  • Application Materials

    Student applicants must submit:
    • Current resume or curriculum vitae.
    • A cover letter explaining the student’s interest and career goals in accredited food safety auditing that provides specific examples that demonstrate why they are deserving of this scholarship.
    • A letter or transcript from the school verifying the student meets the minimum 3.2 Grade Point Average requirement with no individual grade less than a “C-“. An official transcript is not required.
    • Two (2) Recommendation letters (see more information below).

  • Letters of Recommendation

    Include two (2) recommendation letters along with your completed application. All recommendation letters must be written specifically for this scholarship. A maximum of two (2) letters of recommendation will be accepted on your behalf. Letters from your faculty advisor and a course instructor in your major field of study are highly recommended. Letters must be uploaded by applicant at the time the application is submitted.

    The following guidelines should be provided to those persons who are writing your letters of recommendation:
    • Address letters of recommendation to: FMI Scholarship Review Committee
    • Include the name of the applicant at the top of the letter.
    • Include your own professional affiliation.
    • Indicate how long you have known the applicant and in what capacity.
    • Offer your evaluation of the applicant’s general academic ability; leadership potential; motivation and initiative; ability to work with others; imagination and creativity; potential to succeed in accomplishing the goal of working in the field of accredited food safety auditing.


    • I just completed my undergraduate degree and am beginning a graduate program. What grade point average should I put on my CV?
      Provided both programs are in a topic related to food safety, your final undergraduate Grade Point Average.
    • I’ve started/completed 1 year of graduate studies. Am I eligible for the scholarship?  Yes, provided both your undergraduate and graduate programs are related to food safety.
    • I recently graduated/will soon graduate and will no longer be in school. Am I eligible for the scholarship? No.
    • I will graduate in fall/winter of this year and begin a graduate program. Am I eligible for the scholarship? Yes, provided both your undergraduate and graduate programs are related to food safety.

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