FMI Supports the Integrity and Future of Food Safety Auditing by Granting Scholarships to Students in the Field

Food safety auditing, an integral piece of food safety system, is in need of well-trained food auditors entering the workforce. By supporting students in the field through a scholarship program, the FMI Foundation is helping to raise the bar for the future food safety auditors of North America and, in turn, supporting the health and well-being of consumers.

Depicted above are the 2023 Food Safety Auditing Scholarship Recipients at the 2024 SQF Unites Conference

The FMI Foundation strives to support food retail and consumers in the areas of food safety, nutrition and health through research and education and has continually built upon its vision of advancing support in ways you will see throughout this website.

Time after time we see the importance of investing in the safety of our food supply.  What better way to bolster increased food safety across the food chain than to provide for training the next generation interested in a career in food safety auditing? To this end, FMI Foundation pledges its commitment to provide grant support to up-and-comers in the field with annually awarded $3,000 scholarships to university food and agricultural science students.

Food safety auditing is at a turning point in history, with a shortage of well-trained food auditors entering the workforce in North America. The food and consumer goods industry relies heavily on this third party system to help ensure that products on their shelves are safe for consumers. Demand for scholarship support in food safety auditing is on the rise! In 2023, FMI celebrated a record number of applicants for the Food Safety Auditing Scholarship and Education Travel Grant with 78 total, across undergraduates, grad students, and doctoral candidates from 41 different universities in North America!

This scholarship seeks to support students who are authentically interested in the field of accredited food safety auditing who also demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, motivation, and initiative. As part of the scholarship, students receive a fully sponsored trip to the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute International Conference, an event designed specifically for advancing the career of food safety professionals.

To be eligible for the Food Safety Auditing Scholarship and Education Travel Grant applicants must be enrolled as a full-time student (undergraduate or graduate) in an accredited U.S., Canada or Mexico college or university, have completed at least two years of college studies, have a minimum of 3.2 Grade Point Average, be available to attend and participate in the SQF International Conference, and be willing to accept an internship with a third-party auditing firm. Preferred qualifications: students having completed an internship in a food or agriculture science degree program.

A program of this caliber has numerous benefits for food retail, the food safety auditing industry, and of course consumers.

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