An Experts Guide to Reducing the Cost of Payments

An Experts Guide to Reducing the Cost of Payments 

(Previously Titled:Card Transaction Fees: How are They Changing and What Can You do About It?)

Tuesday, April 13, 2021
(1:00 pm EST / 12:00 pm CST / 11:00 AM MST/ 10:00 AM PST)

This webinar is now rescheduled for the above date and time. The webinar will contain new information to reflect the announcement that swipe/interchange fee hikes will be delayed another year. If you have already registered for the previous date, there is no need to re-register. 

Any questions can be directed to Maddie Farrar at 

Webinar Description: 

While some of the planned April interchange changes have been delayed, grocers – and the wider retail community – are still suffering from $6-7 billion of annual fee increases as a result of shifts to more expensive payment types. Digitalization, the rise of Card Not Present (CNP), supplier consolidation, increasing headline card rates, rising fraud activity, barriers to routing, third party delivery services, and much more, are all factors in a rapidly increasing cost base for retailers.

This webinar is open to FMI retail members and association council members. 

Webinar Objectives:

In partnership with FMI, CMSPI – the leading retail payments consultancy - will explore the true impact of these trends on grocers and provide practical solutions on how to reduce costs. We’ll explore four C’s:

  1. Cost: How is the shift to online, rising fees, and complexities across charging structures impacting my bottom line?
  2. Complexity: How can I use my available data to increase transparency of costs?
  3. Competition: How can I ensure my debit routing - down to a transaction level - is optimal?
  4. Correction: What opportunities are there to address inefficiencies in my supply chain, and errors on my invoices?


Callum Godwin
Chief Economist

Josh Pynn
Payments Analyst




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