FMI ABC Frequently Asked Questions


For your convenience, we've compiled answers to frequently asked questions about the FMI Annual Business Conference. Click questions to expand answers.

We urge your participation in an industry imperative that requires breakthrough thinking and new, innovative approaches to meet elevated consumer demand – all while addressing solutions to the root causes which have created an uneven supply chain recovery.

What's different about ABC this year?
When will the scheduler open?
What are the new registration fees?
What if I have already registered?
Do I need to contact the hotel to cancel my reservations?
Will there be an education component?
What event technology will be used for ABC?
How do I access the online ABC platform?
What if I have forgotten my username or password?
What are the technical requirements for participating in ABC?
Can I participate in ABC from a tablet or smartphone?
Are the private meetings between suppliers and retailers secure?
I’m having trouble accessing the ABC - Bespeake® platform or one of my Strategic Executive Exchange meetings. How do I get help?
What features can I control in the private meetings and how do I control them?
Can our team access the system before meetings begin to test and rehearse?