The Proactive Grocer: Key Steps to Preventing Losses

The Proactive Grocer:
Key Steps to Preventing Losses

Thursday, January 30, 2020
2:00 pm EST / 1:00 pm CST / 12:00 PM MST/ 11:00 AM PST)

Webinar Description: 

The grocery industry is by far one of the most demanding – constant change, new technologies to learn and complex promotions lead to inevitable mistakes and things slipping through the cracks.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how to identify common points of leakage before they occur, the top trends in the industry and how you can use them to set your business ahead of the curve, and how to move from a reactive approach to a preventative approach as a proactive grocer.

Webinar Objectives:

Participants should attend this webinar to: 

  • Learn best practices and emerging trends for preventing leakage
  • Apply a proactive, prevantative approach to losses 
  • Prevent errors from ocurring in the first place


Mark Kilgore
VP of Global Client Development

Amy Andrade
VP of Global Accounts

This webinar is offered with PRGX


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