Animal Welfare Policy in the Poultry and Pork Sectors – Implications for the Food Industry

Animal Welfare Policy in the Poultry and Pork Sectors – Implications for the Food Industry


Wedndsday, March 15, 2023
(1:00 pm ET / 12:00 pm CT / 11:00 am MT/ 10:00 am PT)


Seminar Description: 

Many Americans extend the notion of “eating well” to both wellness and ethics. Consumers remain interested in how livestock and poultry are being raised in an ethical and sustainable manner. Brands are fielding these questions against the backdrop of mounting pressures from outside groups to adopt practices that arguably don’t have science-based guidelines or might be counter to science-based programs. Producers and retailers are also increasingly facing regulatory requirements at the state level that have significant impacts on their operations and bottom lines.

Join us on March 15 for a discussion on recent animal welfare developments in the poultry and pork sectors that have implications for food retailers. The National Chicken Council (NCC) will give an overview of NCC’s updated broiler chicken policy and discuss what these changes mean for retailers and their customers. Additionally, representatives from the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) will examine California’s Proposition 12 regulations on sow gestation stall size and their impacts on pork production, provide an overview of NPPC’s legal challenge to Prop 12 and where things currently stand with the case before the Supreme Court, and discuss the implications for food retailers.

The event is closed to press. 


Andy Harig, moderator  
Vice President - Tax, Trade, Sustainability & Policy Development
FMI - The Food Industry Association 

Ashley Peterson, PhD.  
Senior Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs 
National Chicken Council

Jeff Pigott 
Vice President of Industry Relations
National Pork Producers Council

Michael Formica
Chief Legal Strategist
National Pork Producers Council 

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