Retail Experience of the Future

The Retail Experience of the Future

What if you could take a glimpse into the future, imagine your place in it as a food retailer, and start preparing your business for it?  That is the core idea behind the Retail Experience of the Future (RETF) Exhibit debuting at the 2014 FMI Connect in Chicago.

The Retail Experience of the Future will inspire FMI Connect attendees with a preview of how current research, trend analysis and future-focused leaders suggest the world of food retail is expected to change in the next ten years, and a presentation of ideas for enhancing the shopping experience and effectively adapting to the changing landscape.  

The RETF exhibit was designed to provoke thought, create conversations and inspire optimism about the possibilities ahead. It serves as an informed observation of where consumer culture, food, marketing and technology are headed…. and what that may mean for the food retail industry in the future.

Built upon insights from food retail CEOs, industry thought leaders and proprietary sponsor research, the RETF exhibit will incorporate a series of provocative “what if” scenarios and inspiring motion vignettes with a structured focus on the following topics: 

  • Hyper-Showrooming:  What is Consumers could Truly Engage with Your Products?
  • Micro-Personalization: What if Your Customer could Personalize their Shopping?
  • Lifestyle Consultation: What if Store Associates could Help Shoppers Live Happier and Healthier Lives?
  • Transforming Store: What if Your Store could Truly Transform?
  • The New Front End: What if Checkout were Frictionless?


The Retail Experience of the Future is generously sponsored by: