Building an Agile and Resilient Food Industry Supply Chain 

The 2023 FMI Supply Chain Forum is designed to inspire supply chain executives to manage complexity and lead change. The program will provide breakthrough thinking, actionable insights, practical tools, innovative solutions and peer-to peer networking to navigate through on-going disruptions, volatility and supply chain strategy transformation challenges.



Priority Focus Areas

  • Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Collaborative Transportation
  • Labor, Workforce and Talent
  • Transportation and Warehouse Performance
  • Supply Chain Scorecarding
  • Product Allocation Strategy
  • Technology Innovation and Transformation

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Collaborative Transportation & Logistics:

Empty Miles and Back Haul Lane Sharing
Dwell Time Solutions
Drop Trailer Strategy
Yard Management Best Practices

Collaborative Business Planning:

Innovations in Supply Chain Scorecarding
Industry Supply Chain Benchmark Analytics
Demand Planning and Forecasting
Collaborative Data Sharing Best Practices

Labor Shortage & Workforce Challenges:

Building a Workforce for the Future
Workforce Technology and Automation
Impact of Macro-economic Issues on the Grocery Industry 


  • Explore big ideas that deliver actionable insights.
  • Build relationships by engaging in open and honest conversations with industry peers.
  • Participate in problem solving workshops designed to identify root causes and solutions impacting the end-to-end supply chain.
  • Address immediate needs and innovations to restore supply chain equilibrium and product availability.
  • Develop frameworks and roadmaps to unlock efficiencies, reduce cost, enable growth and build long-term capacity.


  • Chief supply chain officers, senior and mid-level executives in supply chain, logistics, merchandising, procurement, retail operations, transportation warehousing, sales, customer supply chain and business analytics.
  • Retail, wholesale, product supplier, and industry solutions providers.

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