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For blue text use "intro-text" in layout elements
Add links into divs labeled "btn--blue" and "btn--green" for buttons.
To create a circular image add a class called "round-img" to the layout element. Inside the layout insert a content block with a square image. A 350x350px image is recommended

To color tables uses classes "seafoam" or "blue" as shown below

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Executive Chef Master Chef Sous Chef Sommelier MAÎTRE D’ Taste Tester Patron Ticket Buyer
$100,000 give or raise $50,000 $25,000 $25,000 $15,000 $10,000 $5,000 Associate Member: $1,500 Retailer/
Wholesaler: $500
Sponsorship included in FMI Foundation News Releases Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a n/a
Listed on FMI Foundation Webpage until Dec 31, 2017 Prominent Logo Premium Logo Significant Logo Significant Logo Select Company Name Company Name Company Name

Thumbnail lists

  1. Drop in a list widget to the page, choose 'Expanded list' and select one of the list templates:
  2. mg-thumbnail-list--2-across
    Matrix - Title, Caption and Content
    Matrix - Title and Caption
    Linked Title
    Sponsor Carousel	
  3. Make sure the list you select only contains an image in the content of the list items.

I'm a Link - Tagline

<h2><a href="#">I'm a Link</a> - Tagline</h2>	

mg-thumbnail-list--3-across - Nine Hundered Dollars




Linked Titles

Use the 'original url' field for the item link.

Matrix - Title and Caption

Use the caption field for the items' text.

Matrix - Title, Caption and Content

Use the caption field for the items' text.

To add a contact section. Drag in a content block and click "select from an existing shared content".  Look for Stir It Up - Contact Us. Then click Advanced and in the CssClass field, replace sfContentBlock with 'contact'. You can change the background by changing the css widget in the template Stir It Up Header/Footer (which will change the background everywhere) or by placing the same widget on a specific page. 

.contact {

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