Go Beyond the Label

Consumers today want an increasing amount of information about the products they purchase, use, and consume. They seek more transparency as a condition for trusting brands.

Brands must adapt and build the skills and resources necessary to respond to the consumer’s growing needs. That realization drove the creation of the SmartLabel® digital transparency initiative, an effort of unprecedented scope for the CPG/retail industry.

The FMI-GMA Trading Partner Alliance (TPA) is pleased to host the 2nd annual SmartLabel® Summit. This Summit will be a workshop designed to meet the specific needs of companies using SmartLabel® today or looking to get started with SmartLabel®. This forum will focus on providing companies with best practices, tools, connections, and solutions to derive the best value from SmartLabel®.

“For a company new to SmartLabel® or considering participating, the Summit is invaluable for gaining the needed information and perspective from veteran companies in the program. The Hershey Company believes strongly in transparency as a core value, and in the consumer’s right to know what is in the products they buy. Transparency is an imperative with today’s consumers, and we all need to understand this.” Deb Arcoleo, Director, Product Transparency, The Hershey Company 


  • Hear how SmartLabel is evolving for in-store and eCommerce shopping experiences.
  • Tell your story and build deeper consumer engagement with your brands.
  • Understand how consumers are accessing SmartLabel via scan and search.
  • Maintain and update information on SmartLabel to improve the consumer experience.


  • Meet your peers at other companies implementing SmartLabel.
  • Explore solution providers’ capabilities that meet the different needs for SmartLabel.
  • Share best practices, tools, and connections that derive the best value from SmartLabel.
  • Participate in working group sessions to drive SmartLabel forward.


  • Build consumer trust and loyalty in your brand.
  • Hear key stakeholders share how regulations are evolving and how SmartLabel is a disclosure solution.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the SmartLabel journey.
  • Master implementation and use of SmartLabel product.


                              Thank you to our 2018 Summit Partners

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