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Join Us in D.C!

At the The Private Brands DC Summit, attendees will explore key implications and identify methods to address and execute against the growing number of key influencers from government and consumer to the fast pass of technology transforming the grocery retail and private brand landscape.


Pivotal Industry Topics & Discussions
  • Category Management 2.1: The Private Brand Opportunity
  • Clean Label: Is the “Absences of” the new Value?
  • The Digitally Engaged Food Shopper
  • Meet the Retailer: Danish Retailer, Dagrofa – Michael Rehbak, Head of Private Brands
Consumer Research & Trends

The FMI Private Brand Research and Education Committee will release the 2nd Edition of Power of Private Brands. This research will explore trends from the register, a conversation with industry stakeholders, and a look into how consumers feel about and shop private brands.

The Ukraine Government will host the attendees at the historic Ukraine Embassy for an evening of networking, fine food, and opportunity to learn more about food processing in Ukraine. Originally known as the Forrest Marbury House, attendees will have the opportunity to stand in the building where the agreement was made to create the young Nation’s new Capitol and District.


For any regarding this year's Private Brands D.C. Summit, please contact Doug Baker at or 202.220.0719.

Private Brands D.C. Summit

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Private Brands Blog Posts

John Snavely_2

Store Managers Are All Heart

In a world where social media, digital ads and the latest apps are all accessible, it becomes a point of differentiation to have quality, meaningful connections with people. That’s where store managers come in.

clean label consultation

Coming Clean About Clean Labeling

Our FMI Private Brand Council singled out the trend in clean eating due to consumer’s yearning for transparency, trust, authenticity and integrity in the food system. Still, we recognize that there are numerous inconsistencies relevant to the clean label phenomenon.

Private Brands 2017

Transparency, Research and A Visit to The Ukraine: Private Brands in 2017

The private brands work FMI performed in 2017 focused on transparency, research and exploring lessons learned and opportunities from other countries. While perhaps not as catchy as Julius Caesar’s “Veni, vidi, vici - We came, we saw, we conquered,” there is some truth to the notion that last year, we learned, we got clear, we explored new opportunities.