Alongside an education program, the Private Brands Summit

includes a trading partner program.



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       What are Business Conference Suites?

  • Semi-private meeting area.
  • Designed for private brand leaders to discuss key business issues and priorities.
  • Accelerate dialogue on key issues confronting our members’ businesses today and provide a forum to address the challenges, opportunities and priorities going forward.

        How do they work?

  • Interested companies fill out commitment form.
  • CPG manufacturers/suppliers host private, 25-minute business appointments.
  • Appointments scheduled via FMI online scheduler.
    • Participants control their schedule and total appointments.
    • Companies secure their own trading partner meetings.      

        Who can participate?

  • FMI Retailer/Wholesaler Members
  • FMI Product Supplier Members
  • FMI Associate Members
  • Non-Members