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Our Information Service team is a resource to help the food retail industry get the answers needed to make critical business decisions.

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What kinds of questions can the FMI Information Service answer?

FMI's Information Service team is the industry's premier information source with a complete reference collection of multi-media material including DVDs, videos, audiotapes, newspaper clippings, magazines, FMI reports and books about the industry.

We access a commercial online databases and our uniquely qualified staff has over 25 years of experience helping the industry research.

In the last few months, members have asked about packaging trends in relation to private label products, gasoline programs that drive shopper loyalty, trends in online coupons, sustainability initiatives and changes in consumer shopping behavior.

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Who can access the Information Service?

  • FMI Retailer/Wholesaler Members and Associate Members
    FMI members have have unlimited access to this wonderful resource! We will get you an answer within 24 hours via email, phone or mail. You can also search the FMI Online Library.
  • Non-members
    If you are not a FMI member, we can provide you with quick reference service or a referral. More in-depth questions are best handled if you make an appointment to use the library and do your own research at our facilities in Arlington, VA. Appointments are Monday - Friday except on Wednesday from 1:00 - 5:00 pm. Copying facilities are available. We charge 20 cents per page. Call 202-452-8444 to make an appointment.


What materials from the Information Service are online?

Check out the Supermarket Facts area for key industry facts, lists of top food retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, a food glossary and much more.


Retailer/Wholesaler, Associate Members and non-members (limited access) are encouraged to use the FMI Online Library. This database includes:

  • Food Industry Abstracts from a variety of trade and business journals  from 1988- present.
  • A Catalog of multi-media materials about the food distribution industry from FMI and other publishers. 
We do not abstract cover to cover, rather we will include the most substantive articles.

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