January 26 - 29, 2018 • National Doral Miami • Miami, FL

World-Class, Thought-Provoking Education

Digital technology is quickly transforming the way consumers shop and eat—how, what, where and when. Learn what that means for your business. 

Midwinter 2018 Program

Every day, attractive new dining options arise, competing for a share of the market and drawing people away from cooking at home—from fast-casual restaurants to in-store chefs. The convenience of these options is made all the more enticing by evolving technologies right at the consumer's fingertips—technologies you need to know how to use to connect with your customers.

The FMI Midwinter Executive Conference education program will demonstrate technology's profound effect on the retail food industry and how to harness it to support the bottom line. 

You'll learn:
  • Which global trends are driving change
  • How consumers make their food purchasing decisions today and why that matters
  • When a shift in business models will create profit-margin pressures
  • What you need to know to take advantage of the proliferation of digital (or growth of digital engagement)
  • What you can do about lifestyle triggers that precede consumer demand
  • Why food retailers are not just managers of products, but providers of information 

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