Food Retail 20/20

Exploring the Future of Work

Thursday, January 23 | 12:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

As food retail leaders, you can see the future is just around the corner but can't quite bring the blurry outlines into focus. You know it includes re-engineering the center store, more fresh, ready-to-eat, omnichannel and artificial intelligence. But exactly how and what it means for your business may not be as clear. How do you make workforce changes and plan for these shifts?

Gain greater clarity at this exclusive, invitation-only forum for food retail executives, presented by FMI in conjunction with our knowledge partner, McKinsey & Company. 

Participation in Food Retail 20/20 by Invitation Only

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Welcome and Introduction
The Future of Grocery
Merchants of the Future
The Store of the Future Today
Next Generation E2E Supply Chain
Meeting Recap and Next Steps


Organized in conjunction with our knowledge partner

McKinsey & Company

The Future of Grocery

1 Future of Grocery

Merchants of the Future

Merchant of the Future

The Store of the Future, Today

Store of the Future

Next Generation E2E Supply Chain

Next Generation