The food retail market is facing a number of opportunities, with new and unexpected competitors, changing consumer demands and digital processes that impact the way people shop.

The FMI Midwinter Executive Conference Midwinter brings large national chains, mid-size regional operators, independently owned stores and wholesalers together to tackle our industries most pressing issues.


The Strategic Executive Exchange (SEE) program provides a venue for decision-makers at top food retail and wholesale companies to meet face-to- face with their C-level peers in the supplier and manufacturing communities.

Before you even arrive at the conference, you can arrange one-on-one appointments with executives you want to meet at times that are flexible enough to fit your business conference schedule.

Critical Insights

Top analysts and researchers from in- and outside the industry will provide you with critical industry insights required to remain competitive in a promising, albeit challenging, future.

Are you and your company prepared for the necessary adjustments needed to navigate through a successful 2019 and beyond? Surviving—and thriving—depends on understanding the big picture.


2018 Retailer and Wholesaler Participants