Our industry’s vigor in the on-going crisis response has highlighted the resiliency and strength of grocery retail as never before.

Exclusive to C-suite executives, FMI Midsummer provides a unique strategic opportunity for virtual trading partner collaboration to identify, prioritize and address the industry’s most pressing business issues due to COVID-19. Spaced over time to provide your team flexibility, our goal is to accelerate business recovery and streamline ways of working better together throughout the supply chain.

Midsummer 2020 Highlights

FMI Midsummer Strategic Goals

Dialogue & Priority Setting

Virtual meetings designed for C-suite executives to discuss key business issues and establish priorities related to COVID-19 business disruptions.

Accelerate Business Recovery

Accelerate business recovery and stabilization after the pandemic has subsided or to assist in planning in the event the crisis re-occurs in fall/winter months.

Private B2B

Facilitate discussion on key issues confronting FMI members’ businesses today and provide a forum to address the challenges, opportunities and priorities going forward.
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