Membership Benefits

As an FMI member, you will receive access to a variety of benefits and resources in the following areas:

  • List of Retailer/Wholesaler Members - List of FMI members.
  • Government and Public Affairs - Represents the entire industry on issues that affect retailers and wholesalers of every size.
  • Food Safety - Comprehensive resources in total food safety training, risk assessment and related topics, including a wide variety of online training, print material, videos, and timesaving links to regulatory sites.
  • 24/7 Crisis Hotline - Crisis management experts available to help members during crises.
  • Information Service/Library - Access to the world's largest collection of industry resources and a variety of print and electronic resources. 24-hour response, guaranteed.
  • Newsletters - Monthly correspondence on timely information about industry issues, FMI programs and services.
  • Educational Events - FMI trade shows and training seminars, including FMI Show, with hundreds of exhibits, workshops, networking activities and customized tours and programs.
  • Asset Protection - A range of ready-to-use initiatives and materials, including customer and employee safety, OSHA compliance, disaster and damage control, security, employee theft, shoplifting, robberies and burglaries, crisis management, product tampering, risk management and insurance.
  • Emerging Technologies - Web-based resources about emerging technologies, as well as opportunities to help develop technology standards on such topics as Electronic Product Code, Check Truncation, Electronic Payment Systems and more.