Digital Shopper Imperatives


According to research by Nielsen and FMI, many food manufacturers and retailers are admittedly not prepared to meet the needs of digitally engaged food shoppers. We've found that the classic transformation categories - people, process and technology - provide a roadmap for successful digital transformation. Within these areas, there are six distinct imperatives driving costs that trade partners must overcome if they want to succeed in omnichannel. These educational sessions dive into the six digital shopper imperatives needed for omnichannel success.

Evaluating the People, Processes and Technologies of the Digital Shopper

Watch Time: 36 Minutes
Do you have the necessary skill sets to succeed in the digital era? Have you put technology before process in your quest for success? Does your organization have duplicate databases and processes? The people you hire and the organizational structure you use are key to implementing an effective strategic plan. This session helps you assess if you are making the right people and technology choices needed to build a successful omnichannel plan. Content organized by A.T. Kearney.

How to Treat Your Data as an Enterprise Asset   

Watch Time: 37 Minutes

You work hard on your people and products, so why not the data? Is it being squeezed to deliver maximum value? Are you caught in a "data management" spiral in your search for a silver bullet answer to your questions? Listen and you will learn how all of us can create a unified version of the truth to drive new growth opportunities and pave a path well beyond mere data management. Content organized by Nielsen.

Are You Ready for Showtime in the New Omnichannel World? How to Adopt an Integrated Forecasting Model  

Watch Time: 36 Minutes

Delivering the right product to the right consumer at the right time and at the right price requires a balance between demand planning, response to both internal and external factors and, ultimately, execution. Do your organization’s forecasting capabilities enable you to collaboratively forecast demand and replenishment with your retailer/supplier partners? We will demonstrate how to enhance inventory management to increase sales and how to adopt a united in-store and online forecasting model. Content organized by RSi.

Compete and Thrive! Realize the Full Potential of Cohesive Shopper Insights    

Watch Time: 35 Minutes

To be successful, food retailers need to understand and satisfy shopper needs better than the competition. To achieve this, retailers need to: generate the right shopper insights to obtain a 360-degree view of the shopper, provide actionable insights to decision-makers,ensure that retailers and suppliers collaborate around cohesive shopper insights to align their collective resources. Listen in as NPD and Precima provide insights in understanding  changing shopper and market dynamics and best practices in taking a shopper insights-led approach. Content organized by NPD Group  and Precima.  

How to Use Data Effectively to Unify Digital and Store Experiences    

Watch Time: 39 Minutes

Retailers and manufacturers are struggling to maximize their use of data and to unify data across channels. Product information, images, seamless views of the shelf and transparent pricing are all issues we’ll discuss – we’ll also share examples of cutting costs and creating clear omnichannel assortment strategies that keep digital shoppers coming back. You’ll learn how to monitor, standardize and optimize price and promotions across both online and brick and mortar channels. Content organized by Eversight.