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Gold Plate Award Winners

The Food Marketing Institute announced the winners of its Gold Plate Award at Health and Wellness @ Retail conference in San Antonio on Friday, May 31. The award was created through the work of FMI’s foundation, along with partner and founding supporter Nestlé USA, to highlight the outstanding programs FMI retailer and wholesaler members have implemented to encourage family meals.

The Gold Plate Award submissions were judged on level of corporate participation, reach and length of program, ability to replicate, and originality.


Category A: Redner’s Warehouse Markets, HealthCents

In 2009, Redner’s Warehouse Markets recognized the busy lives of consumers and the need for nutrition education and meal solutions on a budget within the marketplace. The HealthCents program does just that, providing healthful affordable options for families. A registered dietitian coordinates the program, which includes a bi-monthly health and wellness newsletter, weekly informative circular ads, and a merchandised “better for you” end-cap in all stores. The program also extends into the community with cooking demonstrations, nutrition lectures and in-store events. As HealthCents moves into its fifth year, Redner’s continues to add individualized programs to encourage families to prepare meals at home, enjoy family time and nourish healthy bodies.


Category B: Price Chopper, Family Meals Matter

Helping families find solutions that are quick, healthy and budget-friendly has been central to the Family Meals Matter program since its creation in 2008. The education and outreach program promotes the idea that all mealtimes can be family mealtimes. Each October, as part of Eat Better, Eat Together month, Cornell Cooperative Extension and Price Chopper registered dietitians inspire shoppers to make a commitment to quality family mealtime. Outreach components include recipes, coupons, food demonstrations, informational tips and giveaways. Price Chopper is committed to making Family Meals a lifestyle for their community and looks to expand the program into other states.

Category C: Affiliated Foods Midwest Cooperative, Inc., Family Meals Program

Realizing that customers want quick and simple family meal solutions, Affiliate Foods Midwest put the answer in the customer’s hands. Using a weekly flyer as a primary tool, the Family Meals Program suggests and promotes simple components to a family meal. More than 500 retailers use this flyer to guide consumers to products that are supported by recipes and meal ideas. Flyers and posters around the store reinforce the family meals concept and remind consumers it can be simple to put together quick and healthy meals. Affiliate Foods Midwest continues to expand the program, introducing more quality choices to serve customer wants and needs.

Honorable Mentions

   Veggie of the Month                    Fixin's                      Sustaining Meal
         BD&K Foods Fixin's      Safeway Signature Cafe
 Hannaford Supermarkets              BD&K Foods                 Safeway Inc.