Best Practices for Health and Wellness in Fresh Department

The supermarket is continually evolving to meet the needs of consumers and there are currently several forces at work that are driving store-wide changes and make this an opportune time to embrace health and wellness at retail, especially in the fresh departments of the store.

We developed the Best Practices and Excellence in Fresh Department Health & Wellness Programming to better help you meet consumer needs and drive business success. Below is a portion of the report outlining the elements of a successful Fresh, Health & Wellness Program. The full report contains more idea starters, case studies of companies, partnership ideas and more. 

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Beat Practices and Excellence in Fresh Department Health and Wellness Programming

Fresh Health & Wellness Programs:
Key Elements for Driving Sales and Loyalty

Start with Consumer Needs!

Understanding your customers’ needs is a must for building strategic health and wellness programs in fresh departments. The right products and programs will drive business success as you appeal to wellness-minded shoppers and offer timely solutions.

Initiatives Should: