Food retailers have a unique opportunity to showcase and educate shoppers on nutrition. Use following resources to be a source for nutrition information for shoppers.

Food Retail Nutrition Resources


MyPlate, by USDA, seeks a more direct visual connection with the viewer’s actual home dining experience by using a plate format to feature five food groups that are vital to a healthy diet—fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy. To learn more at


The Hiring, Leveraging, and Empowering Retail Dietitians interactive toolkit created by FMI, the FMI Foundation and the Retail Dietitians Business Alliance is designed to help retail CEOs, Store Managers, Human Resources and of course Retail Dietitians maximize the opportunity to meet the ever-growing needs of your shoppers.  Learn More

Developed for the industry as a voluntary industry initiative, Facts Up Front communicates key nutrition information to consumers on the front of food packages. Learn More
Nutrifacts Posters

FMI created nutritional information on the major cuts of single-ingredient, raw meat and poultry. These Nutri-Facts posters and brochures are available through the our Store in the following formats:

  • Nutri-Facts Poster (available in print and PDF)
  • Nutri-Facts Poster Beef & Veal only, Chicken & Turkey only or Lamb & Pork only (print)
  • Nutri-Facts brochures (print)