Animal Welfare

We believe animal welfare issues, including animal husbandry practices and humane processing, are issues of importance to all of our members. 

Animal Welfare Webinar Recordings

Policy Statements

Our current Board approved policy statement on this topic:

Producer Animal Care Programs

For information on animal welfare, handling guidelines and audit procedures for the meat, poultry, dairy and egg industries, visit: 

Additional Cage Free Egg Resources

Additional Sow Gestation Stall Resources

Resources on Economics

  • Economic Impact of Transitioning from Gestation Stalls to Group Pen Housing – A Revisiting of the 2007 Study by Brian Buhr
    Steve R. Meyer, Ph.D, National Pork Board Meeting June 5, 2012
    Full Report

Resources on Gestation Sow Housing Systems

Animal Welfare Leadership


Drawn from the academic disciplines of animal and veterinary science, FMI's Food Animal Advisory Committee is a group of experts in animal husbandry and behavior, veterinary medicine and agriculture production that provide counsel, advice and consultation services to FMI membership regarding issues of food animal welfare.

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