Sow Gestation Stalls


Food retailers know their customers care about the humane treatment of animals raised for food, but shoppers today are typically two to four generations removed from the farm and firsthand experience of animal housing considerations and husbandry practices. Therefore, issues such as sow gestation stalls present a unique challenge to provide shoppers with balanced, credible information that is ethically sensitive, science based and economically viable. FMI seeks to help in that endeavor. 

Resources on Sow Gestation Stalls

Gestation Stall

Sow Gestation Stalls Webinar

This FMI hosted webinar addresses the pork industry’s use of sow gestation stalls.

Additional Sow Gestation Stall Resources

Resources on Economics
  • Economic Impact of Transitioning from Gestation Stalls to Group Pen Housing – A Revisiting of the 2007 Study by Brian Buhr
    Steve R. Meyer, Ph.D, National Pork Board Meeting June 5, 2012
    Full Report
Resources on Gestation Sow Housing Systems
  • Welfare Implications of Gestation Sow Housing
    American Veterinary Medical Association Literature Review - November 18, 2015
    This peer-reviewed summary has been prepared by the American Veterinary Medical Association Animal Welfare Division. While principally a review of the scientific literature, it may also include information gleaned from proprietary data, legislative and regulatory review, market conditions, and scholarly ethical assessments. It is provided as information and its contents should not be construed as official AVMA policy. Mention of trade names, products, commercial practices or organizations does not imply endorsement by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Full Report
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