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by User Not Found | Jun 12, 2014

The Retail Dietitians Business Alliance (RDBA) Names the Director of Health & Wellness at Skogen’s Festival Foods As its 2014 Winner

CHICAGO – June 12, 2014Stephanie Schultz, MSM, RDN, CD, the director of Health and Wellness at Skogen’s Festival Foods in De Pere, Wisconsin was named the Retail Dietitian of the Year by the Retail Dietitians Business Alliance (RDBA) at FMI Connect in Chicago. This award recognizes a retail dietitian who shows leadership in utilizing business skills and industry knowledge to positively impact consumer behavior change through the retail sector.  

“Stephanie is clearly a business person who also is a skilled dietitian and we congratulate her on her win, but moreover on her leadership and accomplishments,” says Phil Lempert, CEO and president of the RDBA. “This is our first award and she’s a stellar example of how retail dietitians are vital to retail business as well as public health.” 

Retail dietitians like Stephanie are integral components to the retail experience, the linking consumer and staff health and wellness, store merchandising, buying, marketing and merchandising,” says Cathy Polley, RPh, Food Marketing Institute (FMI) vice president of Health and Wellness and executive director of the FMI Foundation. “We’re proud to support RDBA and help our food retail members better understand the influence and business opportunities that retail dietitians can provide.”

As a director of Health and Wellness, Schulz leads the development and oversight of all nutrition, regulatory, and food safety programming for Festival Foods. She works closely with colleagues, customers, and community partners to educate them on nutrition and food safety topics and services, including assisting with an internal wellness program.  

In addition, she contributes to store profitability by increasing customer loyalty through nutrition services, and prevents loss by monitoring food safety standards and assuring compliance with federal guidelines. Schulz also led the development of the “Eat Well at Festival Foods Deli Program” that includes foodservice items and other products that meet specific nutrition criteria.

 Schulz also spearheads six advertisements a year where she creates a recipe and collaborates with other departments to decide which components will run at special prices. She also oversees “The Dietitian’s Pick,” a monthly program that flags 12 products letting customers know dietitians personally recommend the items.

Founded in 2012, RDBA is the professional group to the more than 400 retail registered dietitians throughout the U.S. that most often work in supermarkets. RDBA is the first to offer a retail business education programs for registered dietitians that help these professionals better understand the business of retail including trends, merchandising, working with suppliers, and more. In addition to online and in-person training at key events, RDBA offers opportunities through its newsletter, website, and special events for the community of retailers and dietitians to share information.

RDBA sponsors include some of the most prestigious companies and organizations in the food industry. Sponsors are California Almond Board, Attune Foods, Boulder Brands, ConAgra Foods, FMI, National Confectioners Association, National Grocers Association, United Fresh Produce Association, United Soybean Board, USA Pears and Vestcom.

            For more information, please visit the website at

MEDIA NOTE: Photo of the Winner is Available