AME-Logo TransparentFMI is excited to partner with Animal Med Express to bring members with pharmacies a new revenue stream.

Animal Med Express is a provider of pet medications and OTC products to pharmacies nationwide enabling them to enter into the growing $15 billion animal pharmacy market. Over 68 percent of your customers own at least one pet. Animal Med Express stocks a complete line of name brand and generic animal prescription, OTC and nutritional supplements which are all FDA and/or EPA approved as required.

Animal Med Express sells animal pharmaceuticals to pharmacies wholesale nationwide. You dispense products directly to your customers. Margins are typically a minimum of 20-25 percent. Most orders received before 2 PM CST ship the same day they are received.

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Phone: (615) 538-1424
Txt: (615) 574-5499
Fax: (858) 712-3877