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We are pleased to announce that FMI Members now have access to RevenueShield®, an insurance program specially designed for Food Retail.   In response to historic industry transformation, RevenueShield® was created to protect Food Retail operating in a hostile environment of unfamiliar exposures, increased operational complexities and unprecedented competitive forces.

RevenueShield™ was developed via FMI’s partnership with leading experts Joel Berrian and Mark Gray of Berrian Insurance Group, an affiliated Leavitt Group company. Berrian is an innovatively unique insurance brokerage boutique that has authored and designed exclusive insurance policies and endorsements to protect Food Retail’s brands and balance sheets.  

Direct access through RevenueShield® will provide FMI Members with price savings while providing improved comprehensive coverages.
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Berrian’s Food Retail Gap Analysis has found that most retailers, distributors and suppliers have significant insurance gaps. A Food Retail Gap Analysis can uncover yours.

Customized Policies to Cover Critical Gaps

Berrian has created and designed insurance policies and endorsements not offered by any other broker or insurer. These include Supermarket Contamination and Recall Insurance (SCRI) and Food Retail Contamination and Recall Insurance (FRCRI). In addition to these unique policies, Berrian also created endorsements to cover criminal strict liability, third party crisis consultants, expedited claims preparation, and professional claim preparation. Berrian dovetails coverage features between multiple policies to eliminate gaps, avoid duplication and lower costs.

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