In the face of massive workforce challenges across the country, our industry has a unique opportunity to help people across the food industry spectrum. As we look across the marketplace, we know that roughly 2 million people are displaced, and retailers are looking for ~1 million people.

In this section, you will find creative tools and solutions to the workforce demands.

Eightfold Talent Exchange

eightfoldWith the commitment of human capital, technology, and speed from myriad corporate partnerships, FMI is co-sponsoring the Eightfold Talent Exchange, a talent marketplace built and hosted by The online portal will facilitate companies to identify the talent they have furloughed and then accelerate connections between companies hiring. Sharing these open opportunities with available employees to match needs across geographies.

For a brief overview of the Talent Exchange, watch this short Eightfold Talent Exchange Video and learn more in this presentation. You and your hiring leaders are invited to a personal consultation with the Eightfold team. Schedule your consultation and demo here.

If you have any questions for the FMI Team, please contact Marjorie DePuy.

Hiring Tools and Partners

SafeMark® Food Safety Training for Food Handlers

Safemark logo_bwSafeMark® is the comprehensive food safety training and certification program created BY retailers, FOR retailers. This program was developed by leading retail food safety experts, scientists and educators, with decades of experience in training retail food handlers and managers.

In today’s circumstances, reinforcing critical concepts of food safety, as well as worker health, are more important than ever. There are several lessons from SafeMark® Food Handler Training that provide key concepts for your staff to understand to protect the health and safety of your customers.   
       1. Handwashing
       2. Glove Use
       3. Personal Hygiene
       4. Illness Reporting 

Along with these concepts, an employee will understand the following after completing the SafeMark Food Handler training program. 
       • How to properly handle food from the moment it enters your store.
       • How to minimize the risk of food contamination and foodborne illness.
       • How personal hygiene plays a part in safeguarding food. 
       • The principles of cleaning and sanitation, and how to apply these principles in your operations.

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