enDevelopmentenDevelopment has added Seal Shield solutions to their portfolio of products and services to bring proven hospital-grade sanitation solutions to retail grocers.  Seal Shield’s rapidly deployable solutions address urgent needs in response to COVID-19 and fit into a longer term strategy for associate and customer safety. 

Seal Shield, a world leader in infection control solutions for healthcare, has served its customers since 2006. Seal Shield’s combined technologies support a comprehensive infection control solution by focusing on commonly overlooked cross-contamination areas such as portable and mobile electronics, keyboards and mice, and device screens.  Seal Shield’s solutions that can be effectively adopted for retail include:

  • Anti-microbial screen protectors that can be custom-cut for payment card readers, self-serve kiosks, and monitors that are able to handle consistent cleanings with hospital-grade disinfectants,
  • Waterproof and antimicrobial keyboards and mice,
  • Mobile device disinfection systems that use Ultra-Violet light to disinfect smart phones, tablets, and bar code scanners.  These have more recently been adopted by hospitals to disinfect and reuse N95 facemasks.

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