logo-jyveThe Jyve platform powers a scalable, flexible and skilled workforce, addressing retailer and brand needs where and when it matters most.

Jyve has performed 899,000+ jobs in-store like stocking, auditing, online order picking and display building in more than 1,400 cities for over 80 CPG/retail businesses. The 10,000 independent contractors on our platform – called Jyvers –are skills-tested, brand-certified and background-checked before they start work. 
Jyve has thousands of hours of existing merchandising capacity each week in 20+ metro areas and can turn on support for your business in as little as one day. We can support the retailers and brands who are under incredible pressure during the COVID-19 crisis.
Jyve is also participating in the FMI Talent Exchange, offering immediate earning opportunities to furloughed workers. People with retail experience can onboard in 30 minutes or less and start claiming work immediately.

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Mark Marinacci
EVP of Sales and Customer Success