COVID-19 Food Retail Event Response Solution Communication PlatformGlobalWorx

GlobalWorx is actively adapting and deploying the capabilities of the GlobalWorx Collaboration Platform to assist retail businesses, government agencies, and other involved parties with their response to the COVID-19 National Emergency.

The GlobalWorx platform has a proven track record in the retail grocery industry of streamlining communication between multiple parties, managing issues, simplifying workflows, and capturing relevant data.  

FMI, in partnership with Globalworx, will host a national communication platform for both retailers and suppliers to exchange – in real time – COVID-19 events/incidents.  The purpose of this platform is to; streamline communications between both sides of the industry and assist us in monitoring COVID-19 activities for industry and government navigation.  

Register - for the COVID-19 Food Retail System Registration– the more who register the more robust and powerful the directory of industry connectivity-communication

Report - use easy reporting tool to report COVID-19 incidents/events for streamlined notification to supplier community.

Respond - to the survey that may be paused on a weekly basis to capture national, regional, local trends and industry activity

  • how many stores closed
  • available shopping hours
  • how many stores have cashier sneeze shields
  • how may are testing employee temperatures
  • whatever question FMI would like to know
  • data to be analyzed for post COVID-19 … best practices

Contact Bill Lecznar, CEO at 804-640-7460 or