Steps to Organizing Your Group

Future Leaders 2017 - 18Organizing your group to participate in the Future leaders Virtual eXperience is a big task—but it doesn't have to be intimidating. Take a look at the four easy steps below to get started. 

Step 1: Identify Your Company Lead

As your company begins to make decisions about who will participate in the Future Leaders Virtual eXperience, it is wise to appoint a company lead, somebody who can act as liaison with FMI as you prepare for your participation in the event. 

This person will work closely with your company's leadership to identify potential eXperience candidates, connect with FMI regarding registration, logistics, etc., and pass on questions your group may have. Typically, this would be a member of the company's human resources or training department. 

Step 2: Build Your Group

Identified your company lead? Great! Now it's time to build your group for Future Leaders eXperience. Ideal candidates are a company's highest-potential employees, those who have already demonstrated some leadership skills and who senior executives imagine could take on significant managerial positions as their careers develop.

Future Leaders Virtual eXperience will lead participants to work in teams made up of individuals from a variety of companies and job titles. It is key that your group is registered in advance so they are placed into appropriate teams. 

Step 3: Review Group Registration Options

Step 4: Begin Your Pre-conference Preparation

Maximize the FMI Future Leaders Virtual eXperience and drive group engagement. We'll provide more guidance to leads for group engagement as you continue to prepare for the event.

First, start defining your:

  • Company's desired outcomes for attendees
  • Organizational goals
  • Staffing strategies
  • Individual development/performance plan

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