Food Retail Leader Certificate

Future Leaders eXperience attendees have the opportunity to earn the Food Retail Leader Certificate. We are committed to promoting the professional development of retail leaders through a series of learning opportunities to strengthen leadership skills and food retail knowledge.

Participants of Future Leaders eXperience can enroll in the certificate program at no extra cost. Through a series of activities such as pre-and post-event assessments, online seminars, on-the-job training and debriefing sessions, they will build on the knowledge and skills gained at the event to further expand their experience and apply what they learned.

This certificate program demonstrates that earners have the appropriate food retail industry knowledge, skills, and leadership competencies to excel at leadership positions in the food retail industry. The Food Retail Leader Certificate brings participants recognition in the food retail industry as qualified and committed food retail leaders and provides an edge in their professional career path. 

FLeX Module Timeline

18 Retailers and Manufacturers Investing in Talent & Workforce

2018 Food Retail Certificate earners came from the following companies:

2019 Attendees: The Next Step in Your Leadership Journey

Ready to continue earning your FMI Food Retail Leader Certificate? You may have some questions--let us help you prepare for what’s next. A full overview on certificate completion is available, and here’s a quick guide. 

  1. Log in to your account at and select the Food Retail Leader Certificate under “My Learning Activities” 
  2. Make sure you have completed your pre-event online self-assessment 
  3. Select the next activity “Live Event” and post a comment about your experience in the online discussion group 
  4. Select the next activity “Post-Program Management Meeting” to download instructions and complete the post-program activity worksheet
  5. Select the section "Online Seminar: Taking Action as a Future Leader."
    • Watch the video if you missed the live event.
    • Enter the attendance code and take the online seminar, Knowledge Check.
  6. Click the Skills at Work Challenge: Scanning the Horizon activity to download the guide and complete the activity.
  7.  Select the section “Online Seminar: A Deeper Dive into Food Retail Emerging Trends”
    o Watch the video if you missed the live event.
    o Enter the attendance code and take the online seminar Knowledge Check.
  8.  Complete the Skills at Work Challenge: What Emerging Trends Impact Your Organization
  9. Select the section “Online Seminar: Lead From Where You Are”
    o Watch the video if you missed the live event.
    o Enter the attendance code and take the online seminar Knowledge Check.
  10.  Complete the Skills at Work Challenge: The Leaders GPS
  11. After you have completed all seminars and skills challenges, download the Final Self-Assessment Guide.
  12.  Complete the Final Self-Assessment and activities.
  13. Schedule and complete a post-certificate Management Meeting
  14. Take the Post-Certificate Evaluation.
  15. Certify that you completed all of the certificate activities. 
  16. Earn your certificate! Certificate recipients will be verified monthly.  



Have more questions? Our FAQ will help, or email us at We're here to help!