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No matter where in their careers your most promising stars are, they can benefit from the Future Leaders eXperience. Bringing several candidates to the eXperience and having them go through the kinds of team building exercises provided by this interactive learning approach will guarantee you a cadre of professional leaders for many years to come as they work together to build an ever more successful company.

Early Registration Discount

The first 300 registrants receive $100 off for each person's registration (applicable to group and individual rates). 

Group Rates

Take advantage of steep savings by registering a group of 10 or more staff for Future Leaders eXperience:

Group Type (10 or more) Rate (per person) Savings
Retailer/Wholesaler FMI Member $770  $250
Associate FMI Member $1,120 $400

Group Discount Code

A 10+ Group Discount Code is required to receive the group discount for 10 or more staff. Request your discount code by emailing and providing your first name, last name, company name, telephone, and approximate number of attendees you plan on bringing. You will be contacted shortly by an FMI representative with the information needed to register your group.

Individual Rates

 Individual Type Rate (per person)
 Retailer/Wholesaler FMI Member $1,020 
 Associate FMI Member $1,520
 Non-member $3,000
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  • Future Leaders 2017 - 2
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  • Future Leaders 2017 - 16
  • Future Leaders 2017 - 17
  • Future Leaders 2017 - 18